Do I Need A Website Audit ? 

If you think of your website as a car for a moment. Every year you take your car to a garage for an MOT, the engineer then checks your car against a set of rules, any tests that fail mean they have to be fixed.

A website audit is no different.  Not only will we check your website for errors, bad coding, duplicate content problems, missing pages, broken links, and generally bad HTML coding we will also gauge the relevant pages against your chosen keywords.

When search engines visit your site they run a series of  tests (over 200).  Search Engines cannot see your website with eyes like you can – instead it tries to decipher what your website is about by reading the HTML code that your website generates.  If Google for example finds lots of problems and cant establish what your keywords are – it soons moves on to the next website.


If Google cant decipher your website, it wont list you very highly.  Your website needs to be SEO friendly and optimised for your keywords 

A Website Audit Is Only Half The Battle Though.


Once we have checked for any errors or glaring mistakes that only Google will notice we then need to make sure that these are rectified as soon as possible. Or we can give you a report for you to give to your website designer and get them to fix.

You also need to ensure that the correct pages are optimised for your chosen keywords .

Keywords – remember  them ?  You need to have done your keyword research first, and then you audit your site to see how well each page is optimised for the relevant keywords we have previously decided upon.


To Recap

Keyword Research first, then a Website Audit , then fix the issues and optimise the pages for the relevant keywords – and then re check.  Once that has been done your Onsite SEO work is just about done.   It is then time to start work on your offsite SEO.  To find out more about this – please contact us.