What eCommerce shopping to choose for your online business.

Finding the right fit for your eCommerce needs can be very time consuming, time that you dont have. eCommerce needs to be done right – or you’ll be regretting it for ever.

Find the right product for the right situation. Flexible, Secure, CloudBased or Server, Updates, Site Speed, Sell Directly from FaceBook, Mobile Friendly, Social Media Integrated, Automated Google Indexing, Upselling, Glocal Pricing, Discount Voucher Codes & countless other requirements.  Lets start today.

When deciding on which eCommerce platform / application to use, there is a lot of information to take onboard. You could spend weeks testing, checking which eCommerce product to use.

You spend a couple of days setting it up, configuring it and then realising  it doesn’t do what you want. So you try another one, set it up, config it – and discover it does some of what you want but not everything. Before you know it you could have spent 2 weeks or more and still not have tested and tried all available options.

There are some basic questions you need to ask yourself first.

  • Do you have a server that can handle the software you want.
  • Do you have the technical expertise to install it, create databases, update the software and database. Be able to fix it when something goes wrong – which it will one day.
  • Is the software fast (Google penalises slow sites)
  • Is it mobile friendly (Google penalises non mobile friendly sites)
  • Do you want your software to be located on a safe secure cloud environment?
  • Do you want to sell directly into FaceBook, do you want to sell the same products on multiple websites at the same time ?
  • If you have 100’s of products – what happens when you want to increase the price of all of them.
  • Offer different prices to different customers
  • Offer digital downloads as well as physical goods
  • What Payment gateways does your eCommerce platform offer ?
    PayPal,, NoChex,WorldPay,ccBill etc

We address all this and more. Some shopping carts we have looked at and dismissed almost immediately, others we have delved into a bit more and discovered they are great at some things , not so good at others. It all depends on YOUR requirements.

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EKM eCommerce Software Review

Ecwid Currency Converter Tool Example

For anyone using ECWID – the #1 eCommerce tool of choice for new and existing online businesses. There is an exciting new App. It allows the business owner to accept as many currencies as they want – it also allows the customer to select their currency of choice.  The rate is automatically set – so you do not have to continuously alter the exchange rates.


Ecwid is used by over 1 MILLION businesses worldwide and is the #1 eCommerce tool of choice for FaceBook.  The Ecwid backend lives in the secure Amazon cloud, is super easy to setup and install.  You can then put that code on any website anywhere – by Copy and Pasting a few lines of text


See the product below – we have 2 currencies for you to choose (many other currencies are available). To select a currency just click on the product.  This is a fantastic app and even better it’s FREE