need to pivot your business online ?



Need a website that does a little more than usual -  Classified Ads, Booking Systems, eCommerce etc


Knowing what people are searching for gives you a unique advantage - want to stay one step ahead ?


Discover the links all your competitors dont want you to know about. Then go and get them


Sell digital media? It's likely been copied and resold. We data mine everywhere to look for it and notify you


HTTPS as standard. 24/7 data centre monitored. Affordable and ideal for SME. Protected by a Content Delivery Network.


Secure cloud based eCommerce. Setup in 5 minutes. FaceBook #1 eCommerce App


Onsite & Offsite. Know who is typing what in Search Engines and how well you stack up against your rivals.


People are talking about your niche in places you will have never heard of. Blogs-Forums-Social. Find out and join the conversation

Functional Websites

There are websites that purely inform your customers about your business.  But, there are also websites that are functional in that they are dynamic, allow user input, sell a product or digital media.

Booking systems, eCommerce, classified advertising sites. Digital downloads for music - software - eBooks, online forms etc.

If you have a requirement to take your business online and direct to your customers - speak to us.

Just having a website is ok but if your business is the type that needs additional functionality..... we have the solutions available for you

Keyword research

Do You Know :-

WHO Is Typing WHAT  Into Search Engines ?

How Many SEARCHES   are there per Month for that Keyword Phrase ?

How Many  Competing Webpages there are for that Keyword ?

How Well  Optimised your Webpage Is for that  Keyword ?

Alternative Keywords that get plenty of searches and have very little Competition

Keyword Research is the foundation and building block for your website. We have the data you need

Keyword research is part of SEO (search engine optimization). It is the work that will produce extensive list of keywords that are relevant to your niche / service / product.  To obtain such a list, website owners need to dig into their desired audience and search engines. 

When you have obtained your list of keywords, website owners can create content on their site that will attract more, high-quality traffic. Keyword research is never finished: repeating it regularly is essential to stay up to date.

The devil is in the detail - you want to find keyword phrases that get lots of searches per month BUT do NOT have many competing web pages..

Keyword Phrase 1 "Widgets for sale" gets approx 2,532 searches a month and has 5,500 webpages well optimised for that phrase.
Keyword Phrase 2 "Buy Blue Widgets online" gets 1,500 and there are only 750 webpages for that phrase  - most of which are not well optimised.

You go for Keyword Phrase 2.  It is easy to optimise, it has less competition and  there is 'buyer intent' in the phrasing. You give "Buy Blue Widgets online" a dedicated page on your website complete with a facility to purchase.  You then move on to the next Keyword Phrase on your list

Competitor Analysis

This information cannot be processed by hand. You need specialist tools in order to retrieve the information you require.

Please note - All consulatations are preceded with a phone call. Not all requests are accepted. We will give you an upfront idea of the time involved to gather the information.

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  • How many high value links do your competitors have. 
  • How many bad links are pointing at your website. 
  • Unearth all backlinks pointing to ANY website. 
  • Reveal your competitors' link building secrets.
  • We data mine for all the information you could ever need
  • Every request is different - so our response is varied
  • We use multiple state of the art tools to deliver the detailed analysis your competitors dont want you to know about.
  • Once you have the information - you can then work on emulating your competitors success as well as fixing your own bad link data profile.
  • You maybe very surprised at what you discover


Local Business That Sells Locally Or Local Business That Sells Nationally ? 

Your own shop built and designed by us or you. No expensive redesign of your website required. It integrates seemlessly and works with WordPress - Joomla - Drup or plain HTML
Enabling you to sell ANYTHING / ANYWHERE


Benefits of our solution 

  • Integrates directly into any website - no re design needed
  • Same shop loads multiple websites simultaneously
  • Security and updates performed automatically
  • Multiple payment gateways including Apple Pay / PayPal
  • Integrates into ALL social media platforms.
  • For ALL online business - physical goods - digital downloads - services.
  • Mobile friendly & Fast loading
  • SEO optimised
  • Integrates directly with email signup lists

Copyright Infringement

Sell digital media? Highly likely it's been copied and resold. We data mine everywhere to look for it and notify you.

This can be very time consuming and sometimes feels like it is a never ending process.

We can identify the sources and issue a DMCA take down notice. We can also provide the data to you and you can process it yourself

If you  sell digital media the general modus operandi will be as follows.

  • Use stolen credit card to purchase digital media
  • Distribute the stolen media to membership sites.
  • Change the url daily
  • Remove identifyable information