Data Mining ALL Your Competitors Backlinks

The Google Index contains information on the trillions of links going from and to other websites.  Some links are valuable some are worthless.  Get back links from some quality sources and you can over take your competitors in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Google no longer offers this quality data. However that does not mean backlinks are no longer visible.  Using a private Index containing over 2.7 trillion links (and growing by the hour) Tap into our huge backlink database to see all of your backlinks and referring domains. 7.1 billion web pages crawled daily. We can provide you with all backlinks your top online competitors have. 

  • Private Internet Index
  • Over 3.4 TRILLION links and growing.
  • 7.1 BILLION pages crawled every day
  • Your website's linking history
  • Quality of referring domains
  • Top linking countries
  • Distribution of backlinks by top-level domains
  • IP and C-block analysis
  • Summary of your linked pages
  • Anchor texts cloud

With this data to hand, go after the same high quality links whilst ignoring the bad ones. The benefit is that you will have the link information from ALL your main online rivals.

Online Checklist For All

Before you start to design or build anything  - there are a number of questions you need to make sure you understand up front. Failure to do so can cause issues further down the line. Which is why we like all customers to be aware of the following top 10 areas :-

  1. Mobile Friendly as specified by Google standards
  2. HTTPS fully secure
  3. Protected by a global Content Delivery Network
  4. Fast loading - we use GTMetrix and others as the benchmark
  5. Update yourself or static content
  6. Keyword Research - essential if rankings matter
  7. Website Audit - also essential that your site has not left an open goal
  8. Competitor Research - All your competitors back links
  9. WordPress - HTML5 - Joomla or Drupal
  10. Schema Markup text to help Google index your site
Any successful website should always address our top 10 checklist before commencing any design or build work

faq Competitors back links

here are the 3 main questions we always get asked

What is a backlink checker tool ?

Simply put, you can check all the backlinks from any website. Crawl all inbound and outbound links of a website, providing all the essential SEO metrics to estimate a site's link profile. 

Why do I need to do this sort of work for my site

Search Engines still use backlinks as the main way in which to rank a site.  If you have competitors that rank higher than you - it is usually nearly always the case that they have better and higher quality links than your site.  If you had this data from all your competing sites - you can then go after the same links in a timely fashion.  Ignore the bad / low quality and just concentrate on the links from the ones that matter. Saving you time and money and improving your rankings.  There are other factors to consider - but we wont go into those here.

How much does this data cost to obtain

It all depends on how many competitors you want data from.  The beauty of this is that we will provide you the data, remove the low quality links and provide you with the medium / high quality links. After that - you can go about obtaining the exact same links as your competing websites in your own time. We provide the data and you can do the rest.

Matt Cutts Google

Here is Matt Cutts from Google talks about Negative SEO - how to mitigate it and some of the techniques you can employ. It does help if you have a list of all the sites that link to yours and then you can start to be pro-active about it rather than reactive

starting your competitors backlink profile check

Not only can you obtain and go after the same backlinks as ALL your competitors you can also get a full list of your own sites links - WHY ? - to check that you do not have any low quality spammy links pointing back to your site - sometimes called "negative SEO"

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