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Keyword Research

It helps you understand and find which of those words or phrases to achieve your business goals. It starts by researching what your customer is searching for and why! In any given niche there are thousands of keywords that are being searched.  Some keyword phrases will have huge search levels - but this also means the competition to get ranked will also be high.
The sweet spot are keywords that have high search levels and low competiting web pages.  If you have this data you have a competitive edge on your rivals.  You then start to build content on pages based on the carfefully selected keyword list.

What is it

It's data analysis of what people type into Search Engines each month. What terms they are searching for. How many times per month.

We also provide data on how many competiting pages there are for that keyword phrase. How difficult it will be and suggest better value easy to rank for keywords.

Why do I need it

Every business is slightly different - but if you know what people are searching for.  You have a competitive advantage and can adjust your content accordingly.

You can opimise individualy pages based on the keywords and offer your services / products at the same time.  You will be amazed of some keyword phrases and how under optimised they are.

What is the cost

That depends on how much data you require.  We can provide you with a report that details the keyword phrases to chase and the ones that are too busy and not worth spending time on.

You can write content for these keywords or they can become part of a pay per click Ad campaign

Keyword research

Do You Know :-

WHO Is Typing WHAT  Into Search Engines ?

How Many SEARCHES   are there per Month for that Keyword Phrase ?

How Many  Competing Webpages there are for that Keyword ?

How Well  Optimised your Webpage Is for that  Keyword ?

Alternative Keywords that get plenty of searches and have very little Competition

Keyword Research is the foundation and building block for your website. We have the data you need

Keyword research is part of SEO (search engine optimization). It is the work that will produce extensive list of keywords that are relevant to your niche / service / product.  To obtain such a list, website owners need to dig into their desired audience and search engines. 

When you have obtained your list of keywords, website owners can create content on their site that will attract more, high-quality traffic. Keyword research is never finished: repeating it regularly is essential to stay up to date.

The devil is in the detail - you want to find keyword phrases that get lots of searches per month BUT do NOT have many competing web pages..

Keyword Phrase 1 "Widgets for sale" gets approx 2,532 searches a month and has 5,500 webpages well optimised for that phrase.

Keyword Phrase 2 "Buy Blue Widgets online" gets 1,500 and there are only 750 webpages for that phrase  - most of which are not well optimised.

You go for Keyword Phrase 2.  It is easy to optimise, it has less competition and  there is 'buyer intent' in the phrasing. You give "Buy Blue Widgets online" a dedicated page on your website complete with a facility to purchase.  You then move on to the next Keyword Phrase on your list

Keyword Research is the foundation of any website that wants to be successful. The beauty of it,‚Äč is that once you have the data, you can then start adding content page by page and measure the success of each page. 

If you know your business you can become the subject matter expert - as well as offer your services / products / downloads at the same time.

Want to discover keyword phrases for your online niche ?

Get up to date keyword phrases that have been enriched with additional data like - How many competing pages for the keyword, keyword difficulty, PPC data, number of searches per month, Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) data and more