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What is Keyword Research ?keyword research tutorial


Every day there are hundreds if not thousands of people trying hard to reach your business – but they cant find you or your products – why is that ?

They keep on looking for you in search engines, but instead they run into your competitors who have managed to make it to the top of search engine listings. As a result, you lose a great number of potential clients without even knowing about it.  If your website feels like a golf ball in rough – or you think it deserves a second look – read on to find out why Keyword Research IS the foundation of your website.



Is your website like a golf ball in the rough ? Get it right – and find a whole new audience you never knew was there.


Some Background perspective


You may or may not know that Keyword Research is the bedrock of your website and subsequently this is what Search Engines determine when they send potential customers to your website.

The Keywords you choose obviously need to be relevant to your business.

For the un-initiated if you are running a business online then you need to identify what people are typing into Search Engines.  Not only that – but you need to know how many times people are searching for that keyword term and also how many competing sites there are.

Google will tell you this – for free using the Google Ad words tool.  Google then hope you sign up for their PPC (Pay Per Click) program.

What Google will not tell you is – out of these competing websites – how well are they optimised – that is – have those sites taken all the necessary steps to ensure they tick the search engine boxes. 


You can do keyword research yourself or ask someone to do it for you


rank tracker software from Link Assistant - keytword research tool for small business owners and web designersWant to do this work yourself – then we suggest you use the #1 Keyword Research Tool available

We can complete keyword research specific to your business area, identify the most popular keywords, and then audit the competing websites to see how well they have organised their website. This will then give you good idea of exactly what keywords to go after.

If there are 15,000 competing UK webpages for the term signature mount – you may think you I dont have much chance to beat the competition.  However when we then tell you that the large majority of those competitors havent optimised their website correctly or written compelling content – then the job becomes a little easier, we identify the best, ignore the rest and then work on a strategy to get a piece of the keyword pie.

For keywords to be effective – you need to

  • Identify the best possible keywords available – comparing the number of searches / competing websites (Google wont tell you that) and then making sure your website is fully optimised for those keywords.
  • ‘Content is king’ , we know the keywords to use – you need to make sure that your website is informative and is exactly what the user is looking for – and offer the ability to buy that service or product as an end result.  If the user experience is rubbish – then even the most optimised site will not convince customers to convert their interest into a sale – and they will go elsewhere – to your competitor.

To find why we offer more in terms of keyword research contact us today and let us explain.