a small IT Consultancy based in Cardiff

IT Consultancy

Whatever your problem - if it is to do with online business and tech, we will either have a solution or will research the available options for you. We have history in the following areas

  • Website Hosting
  • Content Delivery and protection
  • Website design and adaptation of new technologies
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Link Analysis using metrics from all other websites in your niche
  • Cyber Security Awareness and protection
  • Network configuration & TCP/IP diagnosis
  • Social media log monitoring service - anything / anywhere
  • VPN / Proxy service
  • Operating System advice Microsoft and Unix platforms
  • Website optimisation - mobile friendly, speed data compression

Help bridge the gap between  internal and external IT

Our IT Consultancy Services help to bridge the gap between the capacity of an internal IT Department, and the increasing demand for cutting edge business IT Support using specialist technologies. 

General IT consultancy

For all your day to day IT pain points, we are on hand to help. Problems with internet speeds, or connectivity? Trouble installing new hardware or software? MS Office not functioning correctly?  We can find quick and effective solutions to keep your business running and end users happy

Unique challenges

All businesses face unique challenges when it comes to IT infrastructure and IT management. Your business may have certain requirements that need a specialised approach. Whether it is questions on the security of user data, a custom disaster recovery plan, implementing well-designed networks or gaining an advantage from the cloud – there are often many things to consider

We have experience across the whole IT arena

Competent & versatile proven track record of success within highly competitive financial, commercial & technology market sectors. 

System development, delivery & implementation, technical project planning, full system upgrades & builds maintenance, support, testing, customer relations, training & development, teambuilding, strategic planning, reliability & efficiency initiatives.

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Technical Delivery Management
  • Service Management Tools
  • Dev Ops
  • Network / Server Security
  • Cyber Wales Core Member
  • CiSP – Cyber Security 
  • Information Sharing Partnership
Global pandemic aside - we want to get to know you. We prefer a phone call / video call and n​​ow a socially distance chat in person. Businesses maybe similar but individuals are different - so are we - which is why we like to meet to better understand your requirements and to see if we can offer assistance to your problem