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Cellweb – Official BT Local Business Partner Wales.

As of April 2014 Cellweb is now an official BT Local Business Partner. We can advise and supply any BT Business product. Business Phone Systems,  BT Cloud computing, Business Broadband and BT Infinity – Fibre broadband direct to your business location.

Bringing BT to your doorstep, as a BT Local Business Partner Cellweb can provide advice, support, and communications services to business and education communities in Wales.

  • As a business you have your own Local Business centre on hand to deal with all your IT , Phone and Broadband requirements
  • A much more local and personal experience so you don’t get passed from dept to dept
  • A local person to call or to visit
  • UK based English speaking help desk
  • Business Broadband
  • Fibre Optic Broadband direct into your business – no more copper
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Cloud Computing transfer all or some of your IT to the BT cloud

Here is Ricky Ricketts from BT Local Business to explain

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Get the same ‘Game Changing’ SEO & Social Media tools the pros use

There are software apps now available that the SEO & Marketing Pros use. Want to find out what they are and how to use them – we show you exactly what they are and what they can do for your business. These are the tools your competitors wont be using and the ones which Big Companies would rather you did not know about – we lift the lid for you.


eCommerce Solutions

  • Cloud based ecommerce solutions
  • Self hosted ecommerce from your website
  • Sell from within your own domain or multiple domains
  • Sell directly from within FaceBook for massive global reach
  • Mobile friendly ecommerce – auto resize for any device
  • We show you how to build and maintain it yourself

When you combine eCommerce plus Social Media Monitoring  – you can engage your current and potentially new customers anywhere – anytime.

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation

If done correctly SEO can work wonders for your business and attract new customers.

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Research
  • Internet & Social Media Monitoring software that monitors every website / blog / forum / social media platform for any mention of you, your company, your products / services or your competitors and then allow you to directly engage with them – the benefits here are massive.
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Content Management Systems

Just having a static website is no longer enough. You need to update it regularly, it should connect dymanically into Twitter / Facebook etc. We can enable this for your website and also show how to update it yourself if required.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Is your website mobile friendly ? People will now look at your site using a number of devices – iPads, tablets, mobile phones as well as PC’s & Apple Mac. Your website needs to accommodate every type of device or you lose customers

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Social Media & Internet Monitoring of your company & competitors

Discover what your customers are saying about you, your company, your products anywhere on the internet. Find out what they are saying about your competitors. Engage directly with existing and potentially new customers immediately.

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BT Business IT Services

Cellweb are now a BT Local Business Partner for Wales. If you need help or assistance with Business Phone Systems, BT ‘Infinity’ Business Broadband, Fibre Optic direct to your office, Cloud Computing, Office 365 or any BT provisioned service then please get in touch and we can show you huge business benefits of making the switch.

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  • Tools the SEO Pros use

    Give your site a full end to end SEO make over using tools the Pros use at high street prices. SEO Powersuite is the only World class standard software available that meets all your internet business needs.
    Watch the videos on every tool plus the FREE SEO BluePrint dossier for your website

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  • Social Media Monitoring tools

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  • Website Audit

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  • SEO services

    cardiff SEO, small business SEO, make the most of your website and optimise do all search engines know what your business is about and following the rules

    From Today - Get the same tools the SEO & Social Marketeers use - using the only world class standard software from Link Assistant Read More SEO - Search Engine Optimisation services   Before we talk about Search Engine Optimisation lets understand a little more about what Search Engines do and how they work. Here [...]

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