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Mobile ready websites

Seeing as the iPhone 5 has just been released then maybe this is a good time to ask yourself a question.  The question is not – should I get an iPhone ? but  instead

Can your website be viewed on mobile devices ? – probably not


All Cellweb websites are now built with mobile technology in mind. Whether it's a Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, tablet PC we make sure that when one of those devices views your website – then the website will be responsive enough to cater for the screen size of your customers new 'gadget'.


Mobile internet local searches are currently estimated at around 40%.  That is a figure that nobody can ignore – unless they are happy with customers going elsewhere.

If you want your website converted so that it's open to be viewed by everyone – not just PC / MAC users – then contact us to find out more.

New site – The Guitar Network

The guitar network for all budding guitarists wishing to learn study and practice, run by Simon Kingman - guitar player, song writer and music lecturerNew music based website  – The Guitar Network


We have been working on a side project for the last couple of weeks and have just completed the the initial phases of a new site – it has just been published to gauge customer thoughts.

The Guitar Network is the brain child of Simon Kingman. Simon is a freelance musician,  music lecturer, singer, song writer, music club venue owner and many other things inbetween. 

Simon is currently running a couple of music technology courses and wanted a way to help his students study, learn, practice and share their experiences and knowledge – as well as encouraging all other guitarists to get involved and help out.


If you are a budding guitarist or want to brush up on your music  theory then please take a look – The Guitar Network


How Do Search Engines work?


You may know what a search engine is – but do you know how they work ?.

First things first – a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, BING, Blekko) is an interface that allows you to type something in (keywords) and it then provides you with a list of webpages which it thinks best fit your request (SERPs – Search Engine Result Page)

The Internet,  just like space is forever expanding – so you wont be able to keep with all the new websites out there – so a Search Engine will do it for you.

When you type something into a search engine the result it gives you back is known as SERPs – Search Engine Results Page.

The bit that most people dont realise is that SERPs are created from Googles Index of the Internet.

Every second of every minute of every hour – 7 days a week, Google 'spiders' are busy looking for new and updated website content.  When they visit your website – they will run various checks against it. They do this, firstly to try and understand what your website is about and what each webpage is about, secondly they will give your a score based on over 200 different checks and then hopefullyu they add your website to their Index.

If Google has trouble indexing your site or finds issues with it – it will soon give up and move on to possibly to the competiton


To help demonstrate this here is a short video from Matt Cutts at Google