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We are told every day, business is tough, the ‘credit crunch’ is out there and doing business is getting harder. In order for you to be effective you need to maximise every part of your business, the part that Cellweb deal with, is your IT requirements.

Ask yourself some questions:-


  1. Do you have a website  -  Are you trading on the Internet ?
  2. Can your customers buy and order your products  -  Are you communicating with all your customers ?
  3. I have a website – but it needs to be Optimised for Google and other Search Engines ?
  4. I need to be able to sell my products online – ?
  5. If something happens to any of your PCs , who will you call  -  If you need to upgrade – who will you ask ?
  6. If your network fails or you need to expand it – who will do that  -  Is any of your hardware monitored or backed up ?


Being IT enabled brings with it a unique set of challenges – which when done correctly can give you a competitve advantage both in monetary savings and time.  Do IT wrong and you wll get the opposite effect and a headache.

Remember we can provide a full end to end service for you business.  The PCs that connect to a local network, that connects to the internet, that creates, hosts and updates your website as well as making sure your website has been Google MOT’d and optimised.

We are also the ones who can help with developing your website – if you have an existing website and want to sell online – we can provide that – no expensive redesign needed – our eCommerce solutions can fit every kind and size of business.  Not forgetting the servers which run your website – ours are in a secure state of the art Data Centre and monitored 24/7.

Think you need to know more ? -  drop your details on the Contact Page and we’ll be in touch.

We cover all areas of IT for small businesses and individuals.  Have a problem ? , want a solution – Contact us and see what is on offer.