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Everyone needs website hosting – without it your website would have no where to live  – hence no one would see it.  Remember though that there are differing options / functionality available when it comes to hosting a website. Shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud based etc

Some offer limited bandwidth, some offer limited email addresses, some offer limited databases and some offer limited support and help.


Using only the very best in virtualised hosting infrastructure, this ensures high availability. For example, if a node were to fail, the cluster will automatically fail over to another node within one minute. This is achieved because of centralised storage, using the latest RAID 6 ISCSI SAN’s for maximum performance and flexibility. The node servers are running the latest Core i7 Intel CPUs with 12GB of RAM. A Nodes workload is individually monitored to ensure an equal balance is maintained across the cluster

cellweb managed shared hosting

General Specifications

  • Two dedicated detached buildings housing state-of-the-art data centres
  • Privately owned operation based in Trafford Park, Manchester
  • Large and expanding 500 rack capacity
  • Carrier neutral propositions
  • Pre-populated with high quality 47u cabinets
  • Immediate availability of 47u and 11u cabinets
  • Full private cages available with dedicated power options
  • Multi feed cages and Carrier cages available
  • 24/7/365 physical access for customers
  • Overhead data cable distribution
  • Committed R&D programme and test laboratory
  • 24x7x365 onsite engineering support
  • Full UKAS accreditation for ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

Green Credentials

  • One of Europes most energy efficient facilities PUE <1.2 (granular records available)
  • Advanced cold aisle containment system
  • World class low carbon footprint climate control system
  • Recycling policy
  • Continuous planned upgrades to improve efficiency

Guaranteed Power

  • Resilient N+1 UPS power protection
  • Multiple layers of guaranteed and tested power redundancy
  • Fully automatic diesel power generation
  • 7 days fuel storage on-site with refuelling SLA from two separate depots
  • Full mains failure simulated in monthly test
  • Dedicated onsite High-Voltage substations
  • 32 amp A + B power feeds available

Equipment Housing

  • High-power-density configurations
  • Shared rooms, secure cages, safes, private rooms and suites
  • Remote hands-and-eyes and 24×7 engineering installation and maintenance
  • Full range of connectivity, management and backup solutions
  • Delivery reception and store-before-install options

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