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You’ve had the emails and calls offering  amazing results in 7 days etc. And yes you have or should have deleted the email and hung up on the cold call.  SEO is too complex to do manually – you – just like all the large corporations – need to use industrial strength software to do all the ‘hard yards’ for you otherwise you’ll get nowhere fast. Previously only if you had a big budget could you do this level of work.

So if you are a website designer, eCommerce site owner, business owner, IT support person looking to branch out,  or a business owner who wants to save some time and a heap of money  these tools are for you.


Take your time this page contains what you need to know to give all your sites the PowerSuite treatment


Today though – the playing field has been flattened. Pro SEO tools are available at high street prices so with this in mind we are going to show you what the big companies DO NOT want you to know.


SEO boils down to this  –

  • Keyword Research who is searching what & how many times a month (onsite SEO)
  • Website Audit how your website stacks up in Google’s eyes (onsite SEO)
  • Discover your competitors links  and get them yourself (offsite SEO)
  • Build new links Get new and better quality links than your competition (offsite SEO)
  • Optimise Social Media with BuzzBundle – the must have Social Media monitoring tool


Any company on page 1 of Google has undertaken the above tasks. Powersuite is the tool that big and small companies use – and they sure as hell hope you dont find out about it – today that has changed.


developed by Link Assistant and is used by corporate business all over the world their client list is like a who’s who of the internet and includes the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Disney, Audi, Toshiba, MasterCard, 3M, Hewlett Packard – in fact there are over 500,000 customers – and the list grows each day, they use it because – it works.



  • Complete. Their tools cover everything you need no necessary to go looking elsewhere as the functionality is all there for you – the most complete set of effective SEO software that is absolutely enough to achieve and maintain top traffic–generating positions in any search engine.
  • Easy and very fast. No special preparation, no in-depth knowledge, no internet skills. The software assists and guides you in quickly doing every search engine optimization task necessary to get the job done.
  • Reliable.  We know these tools have been tested to destruction by SEO experts and website owners. They have Fortune 500 / UK FTSE companies on the list of clients, as well as thousands of smaller businesses (like Cellweb).
  • Frequently updated. All the tools get updated nearly once a week – not a single change in search engines goes unnoticed. They monitor Google and other Search Engines for every single tweak – then issue a new update.
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Powersuite Tools are cross-platform and runs equally well for users with Win PCs or Macintosh computers and even for Linux fans 🙂

Powersuite Pro Tools

Contains – Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant. You may need just one or all of these. Each tool completes the SEO jigsaw your business needs.

We go through each tool individually explained below – please watch the videos though as they give a great understanding of what they do

Real world reviews from real businesses

Keyword Research

1. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker

#1 Defacto Keyword Research Tool

rank tracker software from Link Assistant - keytword research tool for small business owners and web designers

Digs out the juicy keywords with high search volume and low competition. Keeps track on all your sites and competitors. Must have tool that top SEO companies and bloggers use daily.

What is it ?

It shows you what keywords are worth chasing in your niche and keeps track on all your (and your competitors) Search Engine rankings.

Why use it ?

Saves you time and money, lets you know when you have moved Up or Down the rankings. Digs out juicy high search  / low competition keywords / phrases.

Benefit to you ?

Will help build the keyword / phrase foundation to build and expand your website – without this you are blind.


If your website depends on Google , BING or any other search engine for traffic and sales then those rankings are directly related to keeping your business running – which is why we run our business in the first place.

If you have ever tried manually tracking down a URL buried somewhere on page 12 of Google’s results pages, you wont want to do that ever again – time is money.

You have to keep a close eye on where you rank and to make sure you are at or near the top at all times.

Finding juicy keywords that get lots of searches and have little competition and also trying to establish where Google ranks your website pages would take a long time – not any more!

Rank Tracker – does all this and more – it keeps a close eye on your competitors, it will run on auto pilot – leaving you to get on with other work.

If you only want to spend a couple of minutes each day checking your rankings and finding new keywords – you need Rank Tracker – it will save you time and money.


Anyone who has a website will reap the benefits from this software


To Sum up

Rank Tracker and Website Auditor are the tools you need to ‘get your house in order’ you need to have this in place before you start anything else. If you skip on these – it will come back to bite you later – and the hard work will have been for nothing.

Check your website

2. Website Auditor

Website Audit

See your website as Google does

website auditor from Link Assistant

Some SEO companies charge hundreds if not thousands of pounds for 1 report.  This software gives you a report on any of your websites – whenever you want it. Last time we checked the price it was approx £94 which is about $159 or 118 Euro – you can do the math yourself.

What is it ?

Checks your site for anything that may trip you up with Google. Compares you against your competitors

Why use it ?

It will identify any problems with your websites – that you probably never even knew existed e.g duplicated content, 404 errors, page title issues etc and tell what to fix – so Google will love your site.

Benefit to you ?

Makes your site very readable for the Google robots, gets your sites to the same level of optimisation as the competition and higher


With your initial Keyword Research in place – it is now time to start creating or editing your web pages so that they are optimised for your keywords / phrases.  We always recommend 1 main keyword / phrase per page with secondary keywords also utilised.

Google reads your website just as you would read a newspaper – it looks for a Page Title, then a heading, an image or two, and then some meaningful text (average 500 words) that describes what is in the Title and Header.

If you had to read a newspaper with No Headings, No Titles and very little text – you would throw the newspaper away – this is what Google does with your website if you dont follow certain guidelines.  These guidelines are not always visible to you and there can be problems buried deep within your website that you would never have known about – until now that is.


See your websites through Google’s eyes – then fix the problems – no in depth knowledge needed

The software will automatically check your site against your competitors for each keyword you set it. It checks your site for all the same things Google checks – Page Titles, Headings, URLs, Image tags, word count, keyword density i.e. does it read a bit ‘spammy’.

Before starting to promote site’s webpages, you need to optimise your entire website to make sure there are no issues that might prevent it from ranking well. This tool does it all for you – we used to employ someone to do this – you can now do it all yourself – and if you use something like WordPress or Joomla or even just HTML etc it becomes a very simple task to action any issues it finds.  For the cost of a nice meal – you have now got yourself an in-house website audit guy.

  • Duplicate content & Broken links
  • HTML code errors & 404 and other server response code errors
  • Not indexed webpages & Missing or too long titles and meta description
  • Plus a lot more besides and not a pay rise or holiday in sight
  • Check out the video for the full list

To Sum Up

If you want to discover the problems that Search Engines see but you cant  – you need this software.

If you want to compare your OnSite SEO efforts against your competitors – you need this software

If you want to check, update and fine tune your website pages  so they are the best they can be – you need this software.

Spy on the competition - get their links

3. SEO Spyglass


Get ALL your competitors link sources and more

seo spyglass UK competition software that finds the links your competiros do not want you to know about

Discover the backlinks your competitors DONT want you to find. Has its own backlink database with over 15 Trillion backlinks and growing. Utilises WebMeUps database as well as interrogating all other the major search engines. 

If you have  completed your Keyword Research with Rank Tracker (not forgetting to check on your rankings a couple of times a week for good measure) and your have optimised your website pages for those keywords using Website Auditor – making sure you have fixed any errors found and that you are in the same ball park as your competitors you can now start on your Off Site SEO.

What is Spyglass ?

It monitors and gathers backlinks that link back to your competitors. It also monitors the whole internet for any mention of your keywords. It does this using it’s own backlink database plus other link databases including that of ALL the major search engines.

Why use Spyglass ?

To get higher rankings you need quality back links to your sites. Spyglass will go after all the back links it can find (you cannot do this manually – it would take months of manual work). It separates the good from the spam back links as well as doing many other checks for quality links – and will flag bad links

Benefits to you ?

As said – you cant do this manually  it is too much work. Fire up Spyglass – set the keywords or competitor sites you are interested – press start – then go and do other work while you wait for it to finish. Once finished you can then see the quality links you need to go after


Google and other search engines rely massively on back links from other sites  as an indicator when it comes to your rankings. Anyone sitting above you in the Search Results page will have a bigger and better link profile.  All you need do is go and get the same or better links – sounds simple doesn’t it ?. Well with SpyGlass – it becomes alot lot easier – as the software does the back breaking work for you.

Take a look at the video – for a much easier way to understand how it works – but remember….


If you don’t spy on your Google competitors now,you’ll hate yourself later


To Sum Up

This piece of software gives you the competitive edge.  You need to know where to get quality links from – and what places to avoid. The fastest and easiest way is by analysing a competing website in your niche that already ranks very well – copy them and surpass them.

Once you understand why a competitor ranks well (like spyglass provides) then you have a real blueprint of what happens next. understand this and you are already 95% smarter than most website owners who are working in the dark because they dont have solid information to work from.

Watch the video for a much better understanding of how it works

  • Discover ALL backlinks that point to your site
  • PENGUIN / PANDA proof link audit to avoid risk
  • Get clear and concise customised backlink REPORTS
  • Identify the best link building OPPORTUNITIES
  • Reverse engineer your COMPETITORS’ links

SpyGlass lets any webmaster create a winning optimisation strategy that works within 30 minutes or less… take your site from nowhere to be found to a top Google placement!

Find Link Partner

4. Link-Assistant

Link Assistant

Discover new links from new sources


Website Link Builder, Email manager, Link Directory creator. In it’s class this is #1 par excellence for safe & fast link building  plus many other extras.


This is where it may get confusing. Link Assistant the company produce Powersuite SEO Tools – now it makes it confusing by calling one of those tools ‘link assistant’. So here we will took about Link Assistant the tool not the company.

What is it ?

Software that manages, creates and searches out other highly relevant quality websites that like to share links – your links. It also has an automated email template tool – so you can check / update all your back links in one place

What is it ?

It offers the most secure and efficient way to build up a website’s link popularity and ensure the quality of every link even better than when done manually.

Building up link partners and finding new links is now straight forward – set it up, add your details and let rip , go and have a coffee or do something else whilst it does all the work.

Benefit to you

It saves you a lot of time and manual effort.  You can easily add new link partners, it automatically fills out forms on websites where you can add your link. It will check the links still exist , you can add or delete link partners in minutes automatically. Watch the video to see exactly what it can do – to work out if you need it or not.

To Sum up

You wont have to buy another Email client, or FTP program, or Website design software to accomplish your link development tasks. This tool does it all for you – we use it for a multitude of tasks.


  • Generate your own link directory with categories and subcategories
  • Email Manager is very powerful


LinkAssistant is the only link building software to keep all your link management in one tool. It’s designed to be the most search engine-friendly software out there. Like all the Powersuite tools it gets updated nearly every week. Very easy to use interface.

  • Gets valuable link partners and dig for their contact info.
  • Design link directory to match your site design.
  • Establish reciprocal, 1-way, 3- and 4- way links.


Powersuite Tools Conclusions


Well done you are still reading…. dont worry though this page wont be going anywhere – so please bookmark it and make sure to re read it.

Just for good measure Link Assistant provide a complete step by step, easy to follow SEO blueprint book FREE


Whether you are a Business / Website Owner ,Web Designer or budding developer wanting to increase your SEO & marketing knowledge Cellweb would  recommend Link Assistant and the PowerSuite Tools.  We have been doing IT for a long time and have come to realise  a game changing product when we see one.

 These tools are available individually or as one (you save money).  There is a FREE version available of every product they have for you to play with – and if you do decide they are for you – then Link Assistant offer a 30 day money back no quibbles guarantee.

7 steps to outrank your Competition

powersuite tools for FREE





What about Social Media ? – we can hear you say, we mentioned  at the start of this page on ‘Powersuite’ there was a tool that  helps Monitor and Manage Social Media (yes all of  platforms FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+,  YouTube etc) plus any far away blog, forum that  mentions you, your website, your products etc



Link Assistant have this covered.  They have a product called  BuzzBundle that put simply – monitors everything everywhere  (automatically) – so if you produce ‘Blue Widgets‘ if anyone  anywhere mentions them in a post, tweet, blog, forum etc –  you will know about it.


 BUT the beauty of BuzzBundle is that it allows you to respond by  using any Social Media Profile or Persona you want.  Someone asks a question about Widgets on Twitter – you can reply as the official Widget maker, or as Head of Sales for Widgets Ltd – or you can reply as any old Joe Bloggs  person.

BuzzBundle handles all the Logins and Accounts for you.

We will create a separate page for BuzzBundle soon and tell you what we think about it.

In the meantime have a look at it here




Find out where and what your customers and potentially new customers are saying on Social Media – and engage with them directly on any level. A Marketeer’s dream

Why we have published all this information ?

It is simply because we used to keep all this to ourselves – but times have changed. It used to be the case that SEO was the preserve of ‘Guru’ who kept their secrets very close to their chest.

Powersuite & BuzzBundle are now easily affordable for all.  For some clients we simply provide the services that the tools provide, for other clients will simply tell them to go and use them themselves – they are now very straight forward – anyone can master them.