Social Media Monitoring tools

Like it or not – use it or dont use it, the simple fact of the matter is Social Media is here , it is being used by millions of people.

People do take notice of what is being written on Social Media websites – not only that Search Engines also take an interest in it when delivering Search Engine Results Pages (serps) to your customers.

When used correctly it is a fast, easy and cost effective way in which to get your message out there.  You can engage your existing customers , you can help convert potential new customers – but only as long as you participate in the ongoing conversation.

If you are not ‘there’ you wont be visible – and that means less business. No one wants that.

The Tedious part

Having to update a FaceBook page, a Twitter account, post an update to Google+ etc – it all becomes a bit too much – and lets be honest – there aren’t enough hours in the day  to keep on top of it. That’s why you should have a website where you can make a change – and that change is automatically updated in FaceBook, Twitter etc.

If your website cant do this or you want a new website designed for you – get in touch today.

Overview of the #1 Social Media Monitoring  Tool

Getting Started Demo

The Good bit

We have identified all the positives of Social Media and how it can help to grow your business.  To engage with your customers you need to know where they ‘hang out’ – it maybe FaceBook or Twitter – or it maybe some specialist Forum somewhere that you dont know about.

Someone may have a blog that is purely about your industry. You need to be able to find them automatically – you wont be able to do that manually not without spending a lot of manual effort. You need affordable software that does it for you, that will identify exactly where your existing and potential customers are. Cellweb provide that software…. get in contact to find out more

The Bad bit

The downside to Social Media – if you run a business – the one thing you always need is customer feedback – the problem is – customers do not always tell you when they are not happy – they post it on Facebook instead, they’ll tweet about a service they aren’t happy about, they will post a review on a forum etc.

Unfortunately not only will you probably never know about it but any potential customers will see this negative publicity.  You need to be able to respond and respond quickly so everyone can see you care and what great customer service you offer. With one click you can turn that big negative into a huge positive. We can show you software that can do all this for you – like having your very PR media secretary working 24×7 – contact us to find out more

In ConclusionMonitor ALL Social Media Platforms - Get notified when ANyone - Anywhere mentions you, your brand, service or your competitors etc

You may seen various adverts about your online reputation or brand protection.  Please check them out – specifically the costs involved for the services on offer. The software that we advise all businesses and individuals’ to use is functionally more feature rich, no other software monitors the  same total number of social media platforms and no other piece software interacts with them as well. To find out why we advocate this software – please contact us.

Video Demo & Features

We have a solution for you that eliminates the need for a PR secretary, or any other type of Internet / Social Media person. Find out exactly what people are saying about you , your brand, your company , your products online – and just as important what they say about your competitors.

You then directly engage and interact with them using multiple social profiles.