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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – how does it all work ?


Before we talk about Search Engine Optimisation lets understand a little more about what Search Engines do and how they work. Here is Matt Cutts from Google to explain :-

Get the same tools the SEO and Social Marketeers use

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What you need to know 


1. Keyword Research


You need to optimise your website for the keywords that your customers are searching for. You can do it manually yourself (if you have lots of free time) you can get someone to do it for you or you can use Rank Tracker from Link Assistant which is the #1 Industry Standard tool that everyone uses. It also provides you will lots of other information that the free Google Adwords Tool doesn’t. EG the number of competing webpages, how easy or hard it is to compete for the keywords, how well those pages have been optimised etc.


We audit your site to make sure it ticks all the Googles boxes.

We advise on how and where to get your site listed.
As the title suggests – we provide Search Engine Optimisation services for small businesses, groups and individuals.  Specifically we deal with “ecommerce seo”.  If you have a business and you are selling online, then unless you have had your site optimised the chances are you will be missing out on existing customers and also failing to attract any new sales.


Some background info for any new visitors :


SEO, is a method of improving the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.


But first some questions for you, if you answered No to any of them – maybe you would like to contact us  :-

  1. Do you know what keywords you should be trying to rank for on each of your web pages?
  2. Have you done your Keyword Research?
  3. Have you written and optimised your website and various webpages for those keywords ?
  4. Has your web site been audited to see how well Google ranks it ?
  5. Have you registered and verified your site with all major search engines ?
  6. Have you got quality links for relevant complementary websites ?


How does it all work ?

The higher up your website is listed in the search results list, then the more visitors it will receive. Getting large volumes of visitors is not the answer – but getting relevant visitors who are likely to buy your services / products is. Getting that Page 1 ranking requires a lot of hard work, research, planning, testing and implementation. Even if you have a Page1 site – if your website is difficult and confusing to use – your potential customers will go to the next listing on the page.  At the same time if you have a website that looks very professional – it will not count for much if Google does not rank it – and your customers cant find it.  


As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people will be searching for.  Optimisation can be split into two distinct areas :- onsite SEO – your website and offsite SEO – who links to your website.


But – what about all the new guys in town ?


In todays fast moving technical world – we now have social marketing to consider, FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs etc.   It’s ok – we can help you here as well.  Did you know for example that we can embed our eCommerce online shop solution directly into your business Facebook profileOne shop – but we can place it in multiple places at the same time , please click on oureCommerce menu for more information on this.  This solution is cutting edge – unique.



Some FREE advice – anyone who guarantees you a Page1 listing before they even know your business – do not trust them.  Even then if they do guarantee you a Page1 listing – still do not believe them, no one can guarantee it – just like there is no newspaper that can guarantee you extra sales if you take out an advert with them.