ECWID Review

What is ECWID

ECWID – or eCommerce Widgets is a revolutionary shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your existing website (or muliple websites). It can also be added to your page on social media networks, such as Facebook or Tumblr.

What makes it different

ECWID removes the technology headaches for you. Security updates, Software Upgrades, New features – are all done for you – no hassle for you on any level.

Online, In Store or On the Go

There are many ways customers will pay for your products. Ecwid works with many POS systems like Clover, Vend, and Square POS. Accept payments on the go with your smartphone or tablet at street fairs, markets, trade shows or at homes with PayPal Here, iZettle and Square..

Whatever your setup – ECWID can help

Brief History

Cellweb has been advocating the use of ECWID ever since Day ONE of it’s launch. From the very start  it was plain for anyone to see that this was ‘Game Changing’ software and the organic way it has developed has been driven by the people who use it – they vote on new features they want to see released.

In the previous days of eCommerce anyone who wanted to try and start selling online, would have to have to run eCommerce software on their own server and then make sure it was always running the latest version and apply all the security patches / fixes. In ECWID it is all done for you – no more technology worries – period.

ECWID allows you to concentrate on what you know best  – your own business niche. The beauty of Ecwid is that it lives in the ultra secure Amazon Web Cloud – much more secure than your own internet server. This means you can add your store to ANY website – by copy/paste 5 lines of text.

Join over 900,000 sellers in 175 countries

AND – just in case you think it cant get any better than that – it can. ECWID also integrates directly into your FaceBook page.  Billions of FaceBook users can buy your product directly from within FaceBook – without ever having to break out and go to your website. All this is controlled from ONE admin panel.

Get Started in 5 minutes

ecwid review - ecwid signupYep that’s right – Get up and running in 5 minutes. If you need assistance with your project, you want to integrate into your existing websites, FaceBook pages, or want a bespoke design – please use the Contact option

Free plan available

There are NO set-up or transaction fees in ECWID and no credit card is required. There are four plans for any stage of your business, ECWID grows as your business grows.

Set up shop anywhere

Add your store to multiple sites, blogs, and social networks and manage it all from one place. Any changes are mirrored instantly across all sites. Sell on multiple websites and even directly from within FACEBOOK

Install in minutes

Ecwid seamlessly blends into your existing site in minutes — your website design is unaffected and no software installation is necessary. We help with any design issues.

Sell on any device and on the move

Ecwid features Mobile Friendly (responsive design) so that your store looks perfect on any modern device — desktop, tablet, or mobile phone etc.  Complete with the ECWID app you can have a mobile POS on your smartphone.

We handle the details

Run your store on your own server – then you will know about the security issues and upgrades involved. No need to worry about upgrades, SSL-certificates, security, server configuration and hosting. You sell and ECWID does the rest.

Add stores to social networks

Use your social networks to give your customers another convenient way to buy your products while syncing directly to your central inventory.

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