Ecwid Currency Converter Tool Example

For anyone using ECWID – the #1 eCommerce tool of choice for new and existing online businesses. There is an exciting new App. It allows the business owner to accept as many currencies as they want – it also allows the customer to select their currency of choice.  The rate is automatically set – so you do not have to continuously alter the exchange rates.


Ecwid is used by over 1 MILLION businesses worldwide and is the #1 eCommerce tool of choice for FaceBook.  The Ecwid backend lives in the secure Amazon cloud, is super easy to setup and install.  You can then put that code on any website anywhere – by Copy and Pasting a few lines of text


See the product below – we have 2 currencies for you to choose (many other currencies are available). To select a currency just click on the product.  This is a fantastic app and even better it’s FREE