eCommerce website design – online shop solutions

eCommerce website design – online shop solutions

Local business that sells locally or local business that sells Nationally ?


Do you want to trade on the internet ?ecommerce websites

Put off by the technical hassles, security issues, concerned about how to integrate a payment gateway ?.  In todays business landscape, you need to find your customers wherever and whenever you can. You need to be able to sell your products, take bookings – 24hours a day every single day of the year, we are sure you knew that already and also that the answer is an ecommerce enabled website.  Dont have one ? or need a better hosting company – no problem – we provide that for you as well.

If you combine an eCommerce package plus a social media solution – then this gives you a head start over the competition.  Social Media / Forum / Blog / Website monitoring to find your customers – and then the eCommerce solution that offers them the option to purchase your goods / services

Special Requirements

Some businesses have specific requirements that involve up selling, cross selling, discount codes, voucher codes, memberships, global shipping rates, digital downloads etc ?

We will study any requirements you have and then let you know which product is the best fir for your business.

You have a choice – you can either host the software yourself on your servers or you can employ a cloud based solution – where all the security, updates and functionality are taken care of for you.

The option you choose depends entirely on your business requirements

Hosted Example  –  Cloud Based Example  – see below

Existing Website – just need eCommerce

As a business you may already have a website – and cant face the upheaval of integrating an online shop into your website – redesign and IT expenses etc.

No need to worry – we can offer a solution where we build your shop in the cloud and then pop a few lines of code onto to your website – and hey presto – your online shop is immediately part of your existing website.

Not only that but doing eCommerce this way means we can insert the shop into any other website you have. We can also insert it directly into FaceBook – so your customers can purchase directly from within FaceBook without even ever having to visit your website – helps to increases sales.

See below for an example

Every business is different and has particular requirements when it comes to selling online. A business selling car parts has very different needs when compared to a business selling digital downloads.  Some requirements are straight forward whilst others can be a little more complex.

This shop below may look like it is part of this page – but in fact it is hosted in the cloud. We can easily embed a similar solution directly in your websites or Facebook pages etc.

online shop embedded into this page (you cant even see the join)

Want to sell Digital Downloads – from music to videos or PDFs guides etc – ECWID does that.

Want to sell physical goods – Picture Frames, Cameras, Tents, Perfume or anything else you can think of – Ecwid does that

Want to put your shop in multiple websites, including FaceBook (#1 eCommerce app on FaceBook) – ecwid does that. Offer discounts, cross selling, voucher codes, multiple currencies, abandoned cart recovery for customers and much much – Ecwid does all that to