Convert Your Website to be Mobile Friendly to Google and other Search Engines

Google penalises all websites that are not ‘Mobile Friendly’ – time to convert yours ?

Already have a Website ? – Was it built a few years ago ?

If you have a website that is more than a few years old, the chances are it will not work correctly on mobile devices. Back in the ‘old days’ of 2013 websites were usually only ever accessed on a PC or Mac.  Times have changed and now over 50% of visitors to your website will be on mobile / tablet devices – iPads – iPhones – Android Tablets – Chrome Books – you name it. They will all have different size screens.

To ensure you keep customers on your website you need to ensure your website will work correctly on ANY device.

Google have confirmed that when they ‘rank’ your website one of the determining factors they select is whether or your not your website is mobile / tablet friendly. With over half of ALL internet searches now coming from a tablet / phone you can no longer afford to dismiss mobile users. Google also recognises this fact by announcing that if your website is not mobile / tablet friendly they will drop your website way down their results pages, and so will other Search Engines like BING.

This is what Google determines as ‘mobile friendly’, if your website isn’t you need to act fast

Want to convert your website ?

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