BT Business Broadband by BT Local Business Wales

You may or may not have heard of BT Business Broadband.  In simple terms it’s just like your normal broadband connection at home but now it’s faster, more reliable and if there is a problem and you have a service level agreement in place BT guarantee to fix it immediately.

There are other companies that offer Business Broadband Solutions  – but in essence all they are doing is piggy backing off the main BT cable to the BT exchange building – so why bother add that extra level of bureaucracy ?

BT Business broadband explained :-

Some customer testimonials from UK BT Local Business customers :-

  • Business Broadband – get the reliability your business deserves.
  • BT Infinity ‘Fibre on Demand’ Broadband – direct from your office on to the internet- for increased work flow.
  • BT Compute – BT Cloud Services – put some or all of your IT infrastructure in the BT Cloud – manage it yourself or let BT manage it for you.
  • Office 365 – Move all your documents into the secure cloud and work from anywhere / anytime.
  • BT Business Phone Systems – office phone solutions for all size business.
  • Internet Phone systems – make and receive calls via the internet.
  • If your business uses a phone or the internet – maybe you should consider the above.

Why use BT Local Business ?

Director of BT Local Business, Ricky Ricketts, explains why we have a network of BT Local Businesses…

BT Local Business is a network of independent BT businesses across the UK, bringing products, services, expertise, and local understanding directly to your doorstep.

Local to you and backed up by BT, BT Local Business seeks to form a local working relationship that can help build and develop your business by give you better IT, better broadband, better phone systems that will reduce your cost overhead and increase productivity.

  • Help your customers contact you smoothly and efficiently with fast, reliable broadband
  • Route your customers quickly to the right person to talk to about orders using our call routing systems
  • Make the most of your web presence with our data hosting solutions
  • Phone lines and call packages, office phones and systems, data and voice solutions, BT mobile, broadband and Internet solutions

Learn More

To find out more please see the BT Local Business Wales website or pop your details in the contact form and a local support person will get in touch.