eCommerce website design – online shop solutions hosted and cloud based ecommerce website design

Local business that sells locally or local business that sells Nationally ?


Do you want to trade on the internet ?

Put off by the technical hassles, security issues, concerned about how to integrate a payment gateway ?.  In todays business landscape, you need to find your customers wherever and whenever you can. You need to be able to sell your products, take bookings – 24hours a day every single day of the year, we are sure you knew that already and also that the answer is an ecommerce enabled website.  Dont have one ? or need a better hosting company – no problem – we provide that for you as well.


We have various solutions to match all businesses.  Firstly – a dedicated bespoke package eCommerce website design this will cover all your retail needs and is hosted on your website. Please contact us to discuss.


As an alternative – if you already have a website – then we can integrate our ecommerce software into your existing website pages. How ? – read on :-

No expensive new website design costs and no rebranding required.

Our solution just simply fits into your existing website.   We have already done this on this page as an example -  just scroll to the bottom to see it.  Please have a look around – remember though this is a demo – so you cant actually buy anything.


There is one important feature that we have kept until last.   Having one shop in one place used to mean that your customers had to come to your website to see and order your products.  Not anymore.  We can place your shop in multiple websites, blogs, facebook pages etc


We can place your shop wherever you want it and wherever you may find potential customers, we can put it in Blogs, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, BeBo and countless other places.  This means your customers never have to leave their Facebook page to view and order your products.  It also means that you have now tapped into to potentially thousands if not hundreds of thousands of new customers, who previously were unaware of your service. This dramatically increases your target audience. 

We can also help with your FaceBook marketing and show you how to promote your business

This demo shop below is built into this page – it can also be displayed in ANY OTHER website , blog or twitter feed etc.